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Physiotherapy treatment for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Best Autism Treatment in Kolkata

Children with ASD often achieve early gross motor milestones (sitting and walking) within normal timelines, but tend to fall behind their peers as the gross motor skills become more refined and sophisticated. A physiotherapist can assist your child in improving their strength and endurance so they can keep up with their peers on the playground or when they are out in the community. A child may need to see a physiotherapist if they are not meeting their gross motor milestones. A physiotherapist can do an immediate assessment of your child to tell you if s/he is meeting typical motor milestones.

A child may need support if they are having difficulty:

• Catching and throwing a ball.
• Hitting a target.
• Hopping on one foot.
• Playing with their peers.
• Participating in community programs.
• Learning new physical skills.
• Sitting in a chair properly.
• Posture.
• Walking upstairs without relying on a railing.
• Climbing the stairs while alternating one foot at a time

A physiotherapist can provide:
• An assessment of your child’s skills to determine their gross motor development.
• 1:1 therapy.
• Group-based therapy.
• Consultation with the best autism treatment specialist in Kolkata and other professionals involved in providing a service to your child.

Structure of a physiotherapy session for a child with ASD:

A physiotherapy session for a child with ASD would be tailored to their needs. A physiotherapist will incorporate sensory or behavioral strategies depending on the needs of the child. For example, if the child benefits from using a visual schedule, this can be incorporated into their sessions. A pediatric physiotherapist will have experience working with children who are non-verbal or are just learning to use words. A physiotherapist may also use communication devices to facilitate the sessions of Best Autism Treatment in Kolkata too.

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